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Want a break from the overrated series that everyone is watching on your campus? Peaky Blinders is an action-thriller-drama, which looks at the life of the Shelby family, led by a cunning businessman and thug, Thomas Shelby.
It will be one of the most exciting matches of the World Cup, as two heavyweights go head-to-head in a group where both these teams lead with the same number of points. The Belgians will be more than aware of how the English play, with half the Belgian players playing in the English Premier League's top clubs
The World Cup: Heaven for players and viewers alike. The best of the best of the very best play at this level. Club teammates go head-to-head, club rivals go head-to-head, headbutts (thanks Zidane), elasticos, unreal saves, unreal goals, and more such exciting action in the "beautiful game"
Ubisoft has hit it out of the ballpark with this one. After the terrible response to AC-Unity, Syndicate comes as a breath of fresh air for gamers across the globe. You play the part of Jacob and Evie Frye, two siblings who are out to find a Piece of Eden in London and eliminate the Templars.
If mindless comedy is what you’re looking for (especially after a long day of vivas and practicals), look no further. One of the most underrated and hilarious podcast series, Kaan Masti has Jose Covaco, Suresh Menon, and Cyril D'Abs discuss the weirdest news, and basically bullshit (literally).