What is Konversations?

Konversations is an e-learning platform that aims to increase your employability, and your value as a professional. We provide expertly curated classes to help you dig deeper into the subjects you love and want to master. And as you learn, you get better at your job and scoot ahead of your peers. We believe that this will make you more attractive to the employers too!

Where do these classes take place?

Right here, on Konversations.com. We want good quality learning to be available to everybody across the country. So it doesn’t matter where you live or who you are. If you have an internet connection and a phone, laptop or desktop, you can take this course.

How much is it going to cost me?

Our courses are all affordably priced in the INR 2,499 to INR 4,999 range.

How do I know this stuff is actually going to help me?

The courses have been painstakingly put together by subject matter experts working alongside our kickass content creation team. The experts have been in their industries for a while, so they really know what separates the wheat from the chaff. They have helped us create a lot of original content meant to help you. In addition, we have also curated the best content from across the web and provided links through our platform, so that you can access all the relevant information to master a topic right here. In. One. Single. Place.

So, you guarantee that I will get a job once I do the course?

Nope, can’t guarantee a job. But we can certainly help you with job opportunities related to our courses. Check out our Challenges section for live opportunities.

I feel like I am really done with “studying”. School and college were great, but I can’t really take any more “lectures”.

We get that! No lecturing at Konversations, promise! Instead, let’s learn market research through Tinder. Or sales through cricket. And social media marketing through Bollywood. In short, our aim is that you forget you are “studying” and enjoy learning the concepts through tonnes of case studies and real-life experiences.

Ok. So, courses. What else you got?

Along with honing the relevant skills, it’s important you get the correct career guidance. We frequently host live chats with experts so you can get all those large and small questions cleared by those who know best. You can also connect with these experts any time for one-on-one career queries. And don't miss our Community section - where you can catch up with peers.

How do I know what’s relevant for ME?

Easy-peasy. Just talk to Chatterbot (the excited-looking guy in the header). He’ll ask you a few questions to get to know you better. Once the ice is broken, he’ll suggest courses and career advice that’s best for you. Chatterbot’s with you every step of the way, so start having a Konversation with him today to discover cool stuff that will help you.

Who are these new kids on the block at the Konversations team?

Not really new kids on the block. The folks here at Konversations gained good experience while building InsideIIM.com, the go-to website for everything MBA. The team is headed by three college friends who did their own thing for 10 years before deciding to hang out with each other every day, again.

Biggest question of all – what’s with the “K”?

Conversations.com was taken. Enough said.