The Decathlon Community Challenge

Decathlon Baroda has released the shortlist for interviews for the Community Manager role. 

We thank everyone who applied and worked hard to complete the process. Unfortunately, owing to the paucity of time we cannot give an interview chance to everyone. However, we hope that the process has helped you learn and prepare better for all future roles. Do leave feedback for us through the bot on or via We will continue to notify you about more opportunities. For people interested in Marketing, you may want to apply for the opportunity at White Owl Brewery – check our home page for live challenges.
Shortlisted Candidates are:
Aditya Gautam
Faizan Thange
Kalyan Hasurkar
Nilay Shah
Raj Moolchandani
Rutuja Kaduskar
Shivani Desai
Vedant Vala
Vinesha Baranda
(Only candidates who completed the challenge have been considered for shortlisting)
We congratulate the 9 candidates above for being able to make it to the shortlist. We now hope that you are able to convert your interview calls! You will be notified by email of the interview dates.
For others, please continue to work hard. If you want to increase your chances of getting into top companies, do look at our other courses. We have a comprehensive Marketing package consisting of courses in Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, B2B Sales and Consumer Market Research. Doing these 4 courses will prepare you for all kinds of marketing roles. You can use the promo code decathlon to get kredits worth INR 500 (equivalent to INR 500 discount).
Keep Learning,
Team Konversations