Team Zomato has released the shortlist for interviews for the Associate Manager - Supply role and the Business Analyst role. 

We thank everyone who applied and worked hard to complete the process. Unfortunately, owing to the paucity of time we cannot give an interview chance to everyone. However, we hope that the process has helped you learn and prepare better for all future roles. Do leave feedback for us through the bot on or via We will continue to notify you about more opportunities. For people, interested in Finance, you may be interested in going through our recently launched Fundamentals of Finance course. helps young Indians up-skill themselves and become more employable.
The Shortlisting Process
Number of Candidates Who Accepted the Challenge : 266
Number of Candidates Who Completed the Challenge : 124
Only those candidates who completed the challenge were considered.  Candidates were then given a score out of 50 on 5 different parameters. All those who scored a minimum of 33 out of 50 qualified to be considered by Zomato.
Number of candidates Who Qualified to be considered for Shortlisting : 45
Final number of candidates who will be interviewed by Zomato : 10

Name Business School Shortlist For Role
Aamna Khan N.L. Dalmia Mumbai Associate Manager - Supply, Business Analyst
Tejaswita Karvir MET Mumbai Business Analyst
Arnab Goswami NDIM Delhi Associate Manager - Supply
Sourya Basu NDIM Delhi Associate Manager - Supply
Kunal Shivam ISBR Bangalore Associate Manager - Supply
Sakshi Singh Jaipuria Noida Business Analyst
Kunal Dhotre MET Mumbai Associate Manager - Supply
Nagendra .V. Kodanad ITM Navi Mumbai Business Analyst
Abhijeet Singh Jaipuria Noida Associate Manager - Supply
Harshit Dobriyal ITM Navi Mumbai Business Analyst
From 266 to 10 what a journey! Well done!
We congratulate the 10 candidates above for being able to make it to the final 10. We now hope that you are able to convert your interview calls! Our role at now ends here for this process. The 10 candidates above will now hear directly from the HR Team at Zomato.
For others, please continue to work hard. If you want to increase your chances of getting into top companies, do look at our other courses. We have a comprehensive Marketing package consisting of courses in Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, B2B Sales and Consumer Market Research. Doing these 4 courses will prepare you for all kinds of marketing roles. You can use the promo code zomato to get kredits worth INR 500 (equivalent to INR 500 discount). Check it out here. There are many other courses as well - For e.g. The Ultimate First Job Guide.
Thank you. Have a fantabulous 2018. You will hear from us soon!
Until Next Time,
Team Konversations