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Mu Sigma is a management consulting company with a difference. Their focus is on business insights through data analysis. The place is chock full of talented math whizzes who work with the biggest names in business.
Netflix has 110 jobs listed under the heading “engineering” and 45 jobs listed under “data”. The fact that about data jobs are about 41% as many as conventional “engineering” jobs should give you an idea how important data science and machine learning are to Netflix.
Accenture is one of the few non-Indian companies that give stiff competition to TCS and Infosys in software consulting and mass recruitment. It’s a great place to work. It gives its workers great autonomy. A few years at Accenture can make you a well-rounded software consultant with experience of working with the world’s biggest brands.
There are policies that ensure you get paid for any extra time you spend at work. Also, a great many clients of Capgemini are European companies so the possibility of on-site work is pretty good despite a decline in H10B Visas.
Let us turn our sights to the dream companies every engineer fantasizes about. This series will cover steps you need to take to get into the legendary FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) companies.